Poker on the Costa Del Sol $8.94 million


NOT a bad payday for a few weeks work. Yes young Canadian poker player Jonathan Duhamel, just 23 years old, has picked up this colossal sum of money for being the last man standing and winner of the 2010 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. 

Last year was 21 year old American college dropout Joe Cada and the year before 23 year old Dane Peter Eastgate.


All these young men have won an absolutely life changing amount of money after making a decision to try and make a career out of playing poker. In fact Peter Eastgate has even retired at the tender age of 25 from the world of Texas Hold-em.

What we notice here is the age of these kids; they are the new breed of poker player born out of the world of Online Poker.

No longer is the game considered to be a hunting ground for middle aged cigar smoking, whisky drinking, Stetson wearing gamblers, sitting in seedy smoke filled dives, with nicknames like Maverick and The Cincinnati Kid, no to the contrary, it is a global phenomenon played by millions and generating billions in turnover.

It really is a career option now, instead of becoming a whiz kid on the stock market or a high flying executive, these kids are sitting in the comfort of their own bedroom playing Online Poker, with three TV monitors all linked up, playing anything from four to twenty four tables at once, grinding away and earning an income of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

This is the new computer generation that have taken over the game.

Closer to home, Gary Collins of The Marbella Mob has taken down the new Sunday Bounty Hunters game at Casino Marbella.

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