How Well Are You Inside?


MANY of the current ‘health’ tests to assess organ health or even ‘wellness examinations’ are invasive and uncomfortable. 

MRI scans can often make people feel claustrophobic, CT scans have high levels of dangerous radiation, colonoscopies are uncomfortable and difficult… The list goes on and on. For minor issues or early stage problems, these examinations are not only uncomfortable, they can be expensive and even potentially risky.


Until now, if you had some concerns or wanted a lifestyle check, these were usually the only options offered and indeed, thought available.

Fortunately, there is now another option which has no dangerous radiation, is completely safe, is totally painless and quick to administer. Thermal Imaging can detect organ dysfunction without any invasive tests therefore if there is no serious issue, you can avoid further and unnecessary testing procedures.

Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI scans give wonderful detail when you are looking at a small area.

They give feedback on muscles, bones and other tissues however, if the area examined is not the area that is causing the problem, you will not get clear answers.  A common example of this is kidney problems causing back pain.

As a patient it can be difficult to “feel” the difference and this is where a Thermal Imaging test can quickly and easily determine the true cause of the problem, as it images a much larger area.

This of course then allows you to get the appropriate treatment straight away.

Thermal Imaging is a physiological test. This means that where an MRI, CT scan or X-ray looks for a physical object, Thermal Imaging looks at activity levels within the body.

An example here is a condition such as IBS which has no structural cause.  This can be assessed by looking at physiological activity.  Again, this accurate diagnosis can allow you to get help quickly and easily without lots of further invasive tests.

Your immune system can also be assessed. This makes Thermal Imaging one of the only tests available to help in the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Thermal Imaging can also be used as a preliminary indicator of hormone imbalances and gland dysfunction, for example an over or underactive thyroid.  This is also especially useful in determining how effective medication is and monitoring your progress through a course of treatment.

As Thermal Imaging is painless, non-invasive and presents no risk to the patient, it is very useful for monitoring progress after operations. Where other tests rely on contact or radioactivity, Thermal Imaging does not and is safe for all patients no matter how tender the area or how soon after a procedure.

One simple appointment can assess liver function, kidney function, digestive issues e.g. colon etc.  Your critical organs’ wellbeing covered in 45 minutes with no needles, claustrophobic spaces or radiation.

For more information on Thermal Imaging or to book your appointment, call The Bodyworks Health Clinic on 952 883 151 or visit




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