Air flights to Absurdistan


PRESENT-DAY hysteria about child abuse, pornography and the photographing of children has led to absurd situations with sinister overtones.

Parents are dragged through court for taking a bath time fun picture of their child. A young father photographing his toddler son was ordered out of a fun park; mothers bayed ‘paedophile’ at him.


Such paranoia is on a scale unknown since ‘witches’ were burned for having a chat with their cat.

In such a climate one might think the authorities would concern themselves with a real life nightmare in which leading characters dress up and take pictures of a deeply personal nature. These often involve children and include ‘bad touches’.

They do it in full view of others.


Notorious Scanners


This happens at U.S. airports where the U.S. Department of Transportation Security Administration (TSA); a quasi-official organisation responsible for airport security. Passengers are required to step into the notorious backscatter imaging machines.

Do not be misled by the fuzzy pictures you see in the Press; those sent to news rooms are poor grade to allay fears.

The actual pictures are clearer and routinely gawped at by staff who themselves may have something to hide.

The TSA operatives are allowed to examine clear images of naked adults and children. Yet outside an airport it is against the law for anyone to look at a picture of a naked child on a computer screen; an offence that carries long prison terms.

A video is circulating of a three-year old girl in hysterics. She is screaming ‘Don’t touch me,” as a burly female intimately body searches her.

Should a traveller object to being screened he or she must submit to a ‘pat down’ search?

This will necessitate overall physical touching including the genital and breast areas. Should such familiarities take place in any other setting it would constitute sexual assault; child molestation wherever the child is touched.

In Catoosa County a schoolteacher was charged with child molestation because he occasionally patted a child on the back.


Reminiscent of slave auctions


In my opinion airport pat downs have much in common with 18th Century slave auctions at which naked captives were intimately examined.

To say they do their job for our security is naïve.

How much of their dignity are people prepared to surrender before they say enough is enough?

Trains are attacked; town centres, stores and public buildings: No scanners, no having your fingerprints and photographs taken; no pat downs.

They have no advance notice of visitors but with flights booked in advance every passenger’s history is already known before they leave home.

We all know that certain jobs attract applicants whose motives are inclined towards hidden opportunity.

A job offering prospect of ogling children in a state of ‘undress’ with opportunity for groping adults and children will attract a certain type of person.

It doesn’t of course mean that all such workers are so inclined but there can be no doubt that via the employment grapevine this job will attract the wrong types.

One elderly professor, who, because of knee replacements could not use the scanner, subjected himself to a highly personal search: “How can live with yourself, feeling men all day’, he asked. “I love my job,” the TSA employee smirked



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