Pussyfooting and leniency toward these despicable people


This week the realization enveloped me like a dark cloud of doom. We’re all running scared.

What other reasons can there really be for allowing these toe rag Islamic extremists supporters to run slip shod over all we hold near and dear? This latest, totally unacceptable demonstration which in our most revered moments of remembrance, poured scorn on our heroic fighting men and women, should have resulted in a multitude of arrests and the harshest punishment our courts could conjure up.


But it didn’t did it?

Had the sandal been on the other foot and British patriots observed brandishing banners of hate, publicly decrying Allah and screaming ‘death to the murdering Islamists and soldiers of Jihad’, arrests would have been rife.

There would subsequently have been an outcry from Muslim states across the world. Flags and effigies would have been burned, thousands of chanting zealots would have taken to the streets and yet more young misled fanatics recruited to strap bombs to each other.

From their pussyfooting and leniency toward these despicable people, I can only assume our esteemed authorities are just about petrified of the lot of ‘em.

Their failure to act, is a traitorous and blatant betrayal of all our brave service people died for.

The whole point of them risking and losing life and limb was, and still is, the continuance of democratic and peaceful freedom in the lands they have chosen to defend.

Something these Islamic hate-mongers want to deprive us of at all cost (usually ours!) How can our authorities cheapen the ultimate sacrifices of our patriots in this way?

We simply have to show some bottle to these animals who observe our laws with total disdain and our liberalism as a weakness to be scorned and spat upon.

Forget freedom of speech.  These fanatical demonstrations are against the laws of the land, make no mistake about that.

From inciting a riot to promoting violence the law is being broken over and over.

We must come down hard on these people, show them their hatred and vitriolic public outbursts will not be tolerated. They are our sworn enemies for crying out loud. They want us all dead or under the yolk of their suffocating Islamic extremism. They are a far worse threat than Hitler. Would we have allowed him to preach his Nazi propaganda under the shadow of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar square? Of course not.

For Heaven’s sake get a grip Dave. Before we all go under.

The country is seething with enemies out to destroy our heritage and way of life. Please make my predictions of yore the ranting of an out of touch old man. Please!

I see the word ‘amazing’ has now been pushed into second place by the word ‘iconic.’ All of the X Factor judges seized on this new addition to their somewhat limited vocabulary last week. Keep an eye out for it in the next show. Keep on being iconic, have a good week, and always.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy   leapylee.co.uk.



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