Leaving your pets with others


I am astounded when I read the adverts where private people are offering to look after pets in their private homes and in some cases in apartments.

One particular advert makes a big mention that dogs sleep on the bed! Can you imagine strange dogs sleeping on someone’s bed, the place must stink.


Please take my advice and ignore these adverts. It is the law in Spain that anyone accepting payment for looking after someone else’s dog or cat must be licensed and inspected annually by the Junta de Andalucia Veterinary department and their opening license must be on display at their premises, they are also legally bound to hold public liability insurance. Unsuspecting clients who use these illegal premises can encounter untold, often heartbreaking problems. I have known so many cats and dogs that have escaped in search of their owners, they are lost, often forever. Dogs that escape can cause accidents, this involves the Police. A private house or apartment does not have the required facilities. This could not happen in professional kennels. I recommend you pay a visit or call Bill or Denise at Cat and Dog World kennels, for animals boarding during the month of November they are offering 15 per cent discount if you mention Connies column when making your reservation. Watch out for their December offer.



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