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Most of us are concerned about staying safe, healthy, and independent, as we get older.  If you are concerned about living better and longer, you should know the facts about traumatic brain injury (TBI). Falls are the leading cause of TBI.  People 75 years of age and older have the highest rates of TBI-related hospitalizations and death.

Family members and other caregivers of older adults can help protect their loved ones’ health and independence by, at the very least, taking appropriate steps to reduce their risk of falls.


Here are things you can do to prevent falls:

Exercise.  Start a regular exercise program, if your doctor agrees.  Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your chance of falling.  It helps you become stronger and feel better.

Exercises that improve balance and coordination are most helpful.

Make your home or surroundings safer.  Nearly half of all falls happen at home.  Make your surroundings safer by removing clutter from stairs and floors; removing small throw rugs; having grab bars put in your bathroom; improving your lighting; and more.

Review all the drugs you take.  Include both prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as nutritional supplements.  Drugs and drug interactions could make you drowsy or light-headed and lead to a fall.

Have your vision checked.  The eye doctor should be sure you have the correct eyeglasses and that you have no conditions limiting your vision, like glaucoma or cataracts.  Poor vision can increase the chance of falling.

The HealthTip this week is clearly dedicated to prevention.

For the elderly, prevention of falls and traumatic head injuries involves common sense measures and the ability to know how drugs and supplements may be interacting in their system.

For children, the common sense approach is to realize that most fevers in children serve a constructive purpose and that is to allow the body to properly fend off infection.

Stopping fever with a drug can lead to severe consequences.

By Dr. Paul Jensen

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