Denia’s Facebook train campaign


DENIA Town Hall last week announced the opening of a Facebook site dedicated to pressuring the authorities in Valencia to build a railway link between the towns of Denia and neighbouring  Gandia to the north.. The site named “Train- Denia Gandia: No more Promises” and will show “all news relating to this issue. Up and coming actions and links to other related sites” said Ana Kringe, Mayor of Denia at last week’s press conference on the matter.

A petition is also being raised to put added pressure on authorites to take concrete steps to fulfil the long awaited and much promised connection between the two communities.


Although in these times of economic prudence the campaign may find itself fighting an even harder battle, despite support from Valencia and Alicante’s Chambers of Commerce and the Confederation of businesses of Alicante (COEPA).




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