Benidorm’s bid for lucrative Chinese tourism market


BENIDORM is always looking to keep one ahead of the pack and retain its status as Europe’s most popular holiday destination. Last week however, the forward thinking Council still managed to surprise everyone when they announced that they were now looking to target the growing Chinese market. With China’s new found wealth comes the urge to travel and last year some 10.5 million Chinese nationals travelled abroad as tourists.

Ninety thousand of them to Spain, though no figures are available to show exactly where in the country these visitors went.


The World Tourism Fair was held in London from Monday to today (Thurday November 11) and Benidorm was there to promote itself, specifically to the emerging Asian market, said Mayor Navarro.

By 2020 it is estimated that China could provide the bulk of the world’s tourists with a projected 20 million if current growth models prove correct. And Benidorm is thinking ahead.

In recent months EWN has reported on the increase in Russians being courted to visit the Costa Blanca and the major advertising campaign being rolled out in the UK over the next few months.

Soon perhaps, Shanghai and Beijing will be adorned with placards enticing locals with photos of Benidorm’s skyline and in time the high season beaches of the Costa Blanca might be even more crowded and cosmopolitan, as Benidorm brings in tourists from all corners of the globe.

The campaign is certainly working on some levels as last week, the wife and son of the Russia’s President Medvedev were in Albir of all places, at the exclusive Sha Wellness Clinic.



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