Top tips when bathing the dog


VERY few dogs relish bath time, but it can be made less stressful with the following tips. For dogs with long-hair; take care of the tangles, especially mats, before bathing since once wet they become more difficult to comb. If using a bath tub, use a rubber bath mat to avoid ‘bambi’ like splaying.

To avoid chasing a wet dog around, tether pooch.


Start the bath off by using cupfuls of warm, not hot, water to wet the dogs coat, or use a shower head on a low setting.

Gently massage specially formulated dog shampoo into the coat fro head to tail; this is probably the dog’s favourite part and a great way to bond.

Be careful not to get any suds in the eyes and mouth.

Ensure to rinse thoroughly as any soap residue can irritate dog’s skin.

Towel dry the hair, and if necessary comb it while still damp.

If using a hair dryer, make sure it is on a low, cool setting.




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