What dogs need


DOGS need a pack leader, exercise, and clear direction before they receive love and affection. “They easily pick up on feelings of fear, doubt or worry, and will move to fill them by attempting to become dominant,” says Cesar Millan. 

Cesar works in the field of dog rehabilitation and has his own reality television series and numerous books.


He is a strong advocate of walking the dog: “It’s one of the most important activities, and morning time is the best time.”

Try to dedicate at least 45min each morning and keep a positive strong energy while doing so.

The dog should walk next to or behind the owner, rather than taking the owner for a walk.

President Obama and former President Bush are both guilty of letting their dogs take them for a walk, as Cesar recently pointed out in an interview.

Position is important; canine pack leaders walk in front, so to be the pack leader one should be in front and be so consistently.






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