I want to be a winner


TELEVISION has opened up the world of poker to the masses; whoever came up with the idea of putting cameras under the table so that we could see the player’s cards was a genius. It is indeed a great spectator sport with the introduction of the card cam. The fact that we know what everyone has and whether the guys are genuinely putting their money in with the best hand, whether they are trying to steal the money in the pot with a cleverly orchestrated bluff, or we are just watching the hand unfold.

And the dealer delivers the killer river card to shatter someone’s dreams of the win and a huge payout.


It often has us sitting on the edge of our seats with an eager anticipation for the outcome, like waiting to hear who this weeks evictees are on X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

T.V poker has in fact become its own reality show, as week on week we watch and develop a liking, or a dislike, for the characters of the game, choosing our favourites.

And as a poker player aspiring to being just like one of the cheeky chappies, the cool dude, the feisty young gun, the calculating mathematician, or the beautiful woman battling for her right to be pitting her wits and skills in a game that has changed enormously and is no more, predominantly a mans world.

Because it’s possible for anyone to play in these games-as long as you have enough money to pay your entrance fee-you could be on the telly, sitting and playing next to one of your favourite players, with your friends looking at your cards, whilst taking your shot at trying to win loads of money and being the big winner. I want to be that winner, do you?

Visit the winners at www.marbellamobpoker.com

Poker on the Costa del Sol by David Dancey


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