Cats need exercise too


TO keep kitty in tip-top condition and have fun at the same time, try these exercise activities. A great game to play with those cats that like to follow their owners everywhere is ‘Follow the Leader.’ Lead kitty on a walk around the house, not stopping until kitty does.

‘Hide and Seek’ is a fun game that can also help awaken curiosity and reward ingenuity in an inquisitive cat. Hide treats around the home or inside a favourite cat toy and let kitty search them out.


Channel kitty’s natural instinct by providing tempting ‘prey’ made of noisy crumpled paper, shoelaces or colourful cat toys. Let kitty stalk these items, or play ‘cat-fishing’ with feathers attached to a wooden rod and see some cat-acrobatics.

If kitty is home alone a lot, create safe obstacle courses; stacked up books or sturdy boxes that lead to a favourite perch. Leave noisy, colourful cat toys that they can play with to their hearts content.


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