There is nothing trendy or uplifting about it


ARE these women indulging in some form of genetic suicide? The recent disclosure of Lauren Booth, telling us of her ‘spiritually awakening’ conversion to Islam and others bearing the same sentiments, that are beginning to appear on TV and in various media publications, really do make me despair.

With heads trendily (and far too sparsely!) covered in various forms of headscarves, they display a glazed serenity that is nothing more than a mask for their extreme naivety.  Don’t these sadly misguided ‘converts’ realize, that in the event of world domination and application of strict Sharia law, which I believe is the ultimate goal of Islam, they wouldn’t be allowed to appear in public with bared faces at all, leave alone in the media?


I lived for seven years within the yolk of these practices; believe me there’s nothing trendy or uplifting about it. In some Moslem countries women are not allowed to drive, attain public office or worship in the company of the men. In the home, as custom decrees, all have to stay in separate rooms, while the men indulge in their feasting and frivolity in another. When answering the door they are obliged to hide behind it, in case, heaven forbid, the visitor is a male who accidentally sets eyes on them. At girls schools (mixed of course don’t exist) the male teacher gives lessons from a separate room and is projected on CCTV to the class.

No female is allowed to appear in a public place, including restaurants, with someone who is not their husband or close relative. My English girlfriend had to be in possession of a letter of permission from her father, even to be in a car with me. (She would still duck down out of sight on the floor when we saw a policeman, simply to be on the safe side – plus the fact that the letter was forged!).

‘I divorce thee’, pronounced three times from the husband is considered a legal renunciation of marriage and public stoning to death the punishment for just about any act of adultery. Women are expected to walk several paces behind their husbands and, when they pass their sell by date, put up with another wife (or three) taking up residence in the matrimonial bed. Under Sharia law women are officially considered second class citizens and frankly in my opinion not a great deal more important than the goat or the camel.

Do these sadly misguided female ‘converts’ really want to exist in this shackled environment? Despite your misguided belief ladies, if Islam prevails there will be no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim society. Women will feel the full weight of its repression. Unless you are into male domination or frightened to boo the proverbial goose, embracing these customs will set your gender back 500 years, and the friction caused by Emily ‘P’ spinning in her grave create enough energy to power a small city.

Enjoy the week gals, at least in our free Western society you are allowed to!

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy



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