Nature versus nurture


DRIVING on the roads it’s normally obvious as to which cars belong to us Brits as many affix stickers of black bulls or Indalo men to the rear of their cars. I thought this very peculiar behaviour until it was pointed out to me that stuck onto the back of my new car by a previous owner is a Spanish flag. I like the look of it so it can stay and as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat em join em.’

A bank visit in Spain often means taking a book or giant jigsaw to while away the time.


The cashier that was serving me suddenly stopped to answer the phone and instead chatted away to another client for what seemed like ages. Obviously when the call ended there was no apology and my money that had been left on her desk was safely stashed away. So here is an idea, anyone needing to go the bank who doesn’t need to deposit or withdraw cash simply sit at home in a comfortable chair and phone them instead. Hey presto the call will be answered and a long chat can be had with the cashier whilst everyone in the branch is kept waiting.

Coming back from Mojacar late one evening I had to swerve the car as a dog was running full pelt along the road. ‘Lucky dog’ I thought as I have heard of people who deliberately hit dogs with their vehicles when they spy them. Minutes later driving up a dark country lane I performed an emergency stop as out of the shadows and across the road walked Mr and Mrs Wild boar with seven adolescent offspring.

It’s great to see the A334 bypass being worked on again around Albox and Arboleas. For nearly two years now the dreaded Alfoquia diversion has added so much time to journeys. This time last year I read in this very paper that the final stretch to J543 at Ballabona would be started in January. Which January was not confirmed as to date no work has been started.

There are now real visible signs of progress as the high speed rail link between Almeria and Murcia cuts a swathe through the countryside. Nowhere is this more visible than on the Los Gallardos to Garrucha road as the line will pass over the road here and a diversion is in place whilst a viaduct is constructed. Six truly bone shuddering speed bumps have been installed and making it even more fun when heading towards Los Gallardos the humps have also kindly been put at the diversions exit so giving everyone another free rattle.

Sitting at my desk I heard lots of rustling from outside the door where the grapevines and wisteria grow against the house. A fruit rat has always lived amongst the vines and the pretty little thing can sometimes be seen scurrying along the branches. Grabbing the camera I rushed outside and saw mum (or dad?) delicately carrying one of its young in its mouth and leaping to safety from its nest. Camera poised I managed to photograph the next rescue attempt but also wondered why the little furry creature had decided today was the day to move house.

Seconds later all became clear as a snake stared back at me from the nest. The parent returned again and dived into its nest braving the obvious peril. Once the nest was empty the snake disappeared and a few hours later the little furry parent was again busy returning its rescued young to the old nest.


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