Having puppies (Part IV)


Your bitch has had its 10 puppies, so now you go to see a breeder for an opinion on price and quality. You want the truth, so the breeder gives it to you. Out of all the pups, only one is show quality. It has not really contributed to the breed, has it? But, you’re told to cheer up, after all, one show puppy is better than none at all. Not much consolation.

Now you have your litter graded and priced accordingly, ready to sell them. By this time, are you knowledgeable enough about the breed to be the expert that the buyer assumes you are? Are you prepared to answer questions on training, housebreaking, grooming, and feeding?


Remember: You are now a dog breeder and your responsibility does not end when the dog leaves with its new owner. Do you have a pedigree form filled in for each puppy? What do you mean you don’t know who the grandparents are? Are you prepared to advertise extensively if necessary? Don’t expect buyers to come flocking to your door the day the pups are ready to go. It may takes weeks or months before they are all sold. This involves extra food and vet bills that will be incurred by you.

Let us hope that if you breed your bitch, that it is for the right reasons and in the right way, with lots of love, thought, and care put into your decision.

There are too many unwanted puppies already put to sleep each year due to ignorant and irresponsible breeding.





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