Having puppies (Part III)


After a bitch has been mated, one has 63 days to do more reading and thinking. Laced within these thoughts about the precious little darlings will have to be some terrible thoughts about what can go wrong, and what that may cost. What happens if something goes wrong and your bitch needs a caesarean?

What if the puppies die?


What if she’s not pregnant? Waste of stud fee.

What if she has a miscarriage?

What if you were not diligent enough and next door’s X breed got her.

What are you going to do with a litter of puppies you can’t sell and don’t have the heart to destroy?

What if she won’t or can’t feed the puppies. Are you prepared to get up every two or three hours to feed them?

And worst of all… what if she dies? Was it really worth it?

The days pass and she has her puppies without too much trouble but you still need to take her to the vet to be sure. She will probably have hormones and antibiotics to prevent infection.

Lucky for you, she had ten healthy pups. They are now ready to have their dewclaws removed.

At six weeks, they are ready for vaccinations and worming.

Now they are healthy and ready to go and you are exhausted. Where are all the people who promised to help you in the middle of the night?



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