Black cats are ‘lucky’ after all


HALLOWEEN conjures images of mysterious black cats that cross paths and bring bad luck. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Among the cat population, black cats are the least accident-prone, resulting in the lowest number of pet insurance claims, according to Petplan pet insurance.

Black cats are 15% less likely to be victims of an accident or injury compared to their colorful kitty counterparts. By contrast, orange cats are twice as likely as their inky cousins to be involved in a mishap. These unforeseen accidents can cost a small fortune.


The research shows the most “unlucky” cat to date is a grey one, named April. After ingesting a belly’s worth of plastic, she required extensive surgery. Luckily, April survived.

While black cats may be lucky in avoiding accidents, they are not as fortunate when it comes to being adopted. According to a study by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, black cats are often the last to be selected at an animal shelter.

Despite this, “Lucky” is the third most popular name of black cats insured by Petplan. Subscriber favorites include “Midnight” as the top choice with “Boo” as the next preferred. Black cat names inspired by popular culture include “Beetlejuice,” “Optimus Prime,” “Leroy Brown,” and “Jesse James.”

“Regardless of the color of your pet, this Halloween keep all furry friends away from lit jack-o-lanterns, decorations, and candy,” advises veterinarian Dr. Jules Benson.


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