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Debit up; credit down
CREDIT CARD borrowing has fallen by three per cent in the last twelve months and debit cards usage increased by six per cent, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 2,000 British consumers.

Bunker home
An engineer is selling his 350,000 pound (€393,669) house near Brixham, Devon, which boasts a nuclear bunker that can withstand a blast 80 times greater than Hiroshima, built in 1985.


SALES at MacDonalds in Europe rose 4.1 per cent during July to September thanks to extended operating hours and new menu items on offer.

Costly tax
THE new green stealth tax, which will add 11 per cent to the energy bills of British companies, will cost around 5,000 medium and large-sized companies more than 500,000 pounds (€562,385) per year.

Cuts gamble
LABOUR has called the 81bn pound (€91.2bn) cuts, the biggest since the 1970s, a “reckless gamble” with the economy and it’s been estimated that this will mean a loss of 490,000 public sector jobs.

Unlawful blockage
DESPIRE the free flow of trade between the Caribbean and the EU, Loyds TSB blocked a bank transfer from Cuba to a UK business that supplies agricultural consultancy services.

Cash stockpiling
SMALL businesses currently tend to build up their cash reserves for next year rather than invest according to a survey of 440 companies by the Bank of England.

Worrying spending cuts-backs
BRITISH retail sales suffered a fall for the second consecutive month in September and are a worrying sign of slowing consumer spending considering its importance to the economy.

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