Another over-stuffed pontificating pillock


FOOTBALL must be the only business in existence that, when finding itself up to its eyeballs in debt, increases the wages of its employees. If that’s not a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is. This week, Man. United’s capitulation to yet another over-stuffed pontificating pillock, just shows how much muck their prepared to have rubbed in their faces to appease these primping prima donnas. Many of these ‘employees’ have now managed to amass more money than the actual company that employs them.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture of loyalty and gratitude to the club (which actually put them where they are in the first place) if they decided to all get together and work out a way to bail it out of its financial problems? Don’t hold yer breath!


Welsh Dad Kerry Donnelly was so worried for his children’s safety, that when police removed their speed camera, he made a mock up at the rear of a van and parked it at the end of his street.

This very enterprising arrangement apparently had the desired effect.

It was however the reason the police gave for removing the original in the first place that baffled me. I quote. ‘It was decided the camera was no longer necessary at this location as the traffic had all slowed to a reasonable pace’. Er… just a minute, isn’t that a bit like saying we’ve removed all the bars and walls from the prisons because the cons are no longer trying to escape?

You couldn’t make it up.

Apropos all the controversy surrounding the decision to replace our jet fighters with helicopters on two of our carriers.

To my mind, providing they had the range, and we actually had enough of them, being able to place a couple of hundred of these very practical and, as far as the Apache is concerned, extremely lethal weapons on someone’s doorstep could be very daunting indeed.

The helicopter has a far more diversified capability than a high speed jet fighter and could ferry a colossal contingent of troops and missile capability to a designated area extremely quickly.

Military buff will probably say I’m talking out of my usual rear area, but as a layman I don’t think it sounds like a bad idea at all. I bet Arnie S. would love it!

And that’s about it. I refuse to get into the X Factor whirlpool of non talent this week. I’ll leave that to just about every other columnist and publication on the planet Cowell. Safe to say that to my mind not one of them would keep the punters entertained for an hour at any music venue on this particular island (Mallorca) – thank the Lord.

This ole boy is off to find employment in Tenerife in a week or so. If the mountain won’t come to Mohamed, Mohamed must go to the mountain, if you get my drift.

Have an enjoyable seven. Try and squeeze what you can out of any dredging’s left. And whatever ya do. Always keep the faith

Love Leapy


CAPTION: Wayne  Rooney: A prima donna?


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