Having puppies (Part II)


We will continue with the pros and cons of having dogs for breeding. Is your bitch of suitable breeding quality? Do you know her faults as well as her virtues? Does she meet the Standard of the breed? Is she of desirable temperament? Is she of sound health? Do you have customers so that the pups don’t end up in the pound?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions and are still determined to try your hand at raising a litter, then read on for the list of things to do next.


Get an opinion of your bitch from reputable breeders.

Learn about genetic problems within the breed.

Seek advice about potential stud dogs.

Go and look at the offspring of your chosen stud dog.

Be sure that the stud dog has no genetic problems.

After you have chosen your stud dog, take your bitch to the vet.

She needs to be x rayed and hip scored.

Her eyes need to be checked for defects.

She needs to have a full health check.

Many bitches die in whelp due to unforeseen.

The bitch needs to be wormed and vaccinated.

All this is going to cost money, but it’s necessary when planning for a healthy litter.

Now, while you’re waiting for her to come into season, read all the books you can on your particular breed, breeding, whelping and rearing young puppies.

When your bitch comes into season: Contact the stud owner and you will be advised when to take your bitch to him. Plan to pay the stud fee at the time of breeding.

There may also be a boarding charge if the bitch has to stay. Be sure you understand, in advance, what the stud fee you pay guarantees. Money Bitches don’t get mated on cue, so repeated visits may be necessary.



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