Supermarket sneaky tricks department


WHOLESALE prices paid by supermarkets for basic food essentials have plummeted 50 per cent, so why does the content of your shopping basket keep going up?

The simple answer is that the giants are not passing the savings on to their customers.

The number crunchers of the stores’ sneaky tricks departments are masters of deceit. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking more is less as in cost. Compare the weight with the price.


Very often there isn’t a saving at all and sometimes can cost more. The 400g jar of a well known brand of mayonnaise costs 41.8p per 100g. If you are tempted to buy the larger 600g jar the cost per 100g is actually more at 44.7g.

Many products, by necessity, are cushioned in fluid; canned peas and beans come to mind. The can should carry information on the water or sauce contents so you can determine better what you are actually getting for your hard earned. There might be just a few peas or beans at the bottom of a can of water or sauce.

The definition of an optimist is a person who expects the chocolate bar to be the same size as the wrapper. If the box rattles and feels light compared to the size of the box then put it back on the shelf.

By Paul Polke

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