Keeping track: multinationals struggling with mobile issues


MULTINATIONALS are struggling to keep control on global mobile costs and complexity of services, a new report has found.

Independent telecoms analyst, Ovum, claims in its report that multinationals are struggling to manage the ever growing cost and complexity of business mobility and many have little idea how much they are spending globally.

However, Ovum has found that while most are quick to lay the blame on the mobile operators, they could do much more themselves to bring the situation under control.


Pauline Trotter, Ovum analyst said: “While on the whole they feel that the service provided in individual countries is satisfactory, on a global scale, they do not feel providers are meeting their needs.

“They want to see a global managed services approach for mobile similar to those they have already for fixed services.

“But this may be unrealistic, given the structure of the mobile industry, as managed mobility providers can only provide a global offer through strong partnerships and these will take time to build.”

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