So… you want to breed?


To make lots of money! Do you realise the actual expenses involved in breeding, such as advertising, stud fee, vet’s bills, and food, to name just a few? Because it would be good for the children to watch the birth and play with the puppies as they grow up! Actually, the gory part of the whelping repulse most children who are more than happy to skip the viewing of the miracle you planned for them to see.

A litter of puppies growing up is usually too rowdy for small children who are usually disinterested or terrified of the leaping creatures with sharp teeth and nails. If you want the children to see a puppy growing up, buy them one of their own. If you want them to watch the litter being born, it’s better and easier to find a breeder who will let them come over in the middle of the night to watch puppies being born.


Because we love our dog and we want another one just like her! The chances that you will get another one just like her are very slim, indeed.

Because everyone who comes to the house and sees our dog wants one of her pups when she has a litter!

But… just wait until your litter of 12 is ready to go to their new homes, watch those people back out with excuses like: The kids are too young, the kids are too old now to be bothered with caring for a dog, we are going to have a baby, the house is too small, we are moving in three months (wait till then), the carpet is too new, Grandma doesn’t like dogs, the old dog hasn’t died yet, it might not get along with our cat. The list goes on and on.

Because we really love puppies!

You’d better be sure you love puppies because until you have them, you can’t imagine how much is fully involved, such as: the mess the litter makes. Can you put up with constantly cleaning and scrubbing up after the puppies, their whelping box, the yard, the kennel, or wherever you keep them? As soon as you feed them, they dump out of the other end. They then step in it, roll in it and drag it through whatever else is in the puppy box at the time. With a large litter of puppies, there is always something to be cleaned up. The responsibility you have with the litter is not as small for you as it is with your dog, when taking care of them until they are ready to go. Most of it is up to you and you are tied to the litter like any new mother, only you can’t take the litter to the in-laws at the weekend, or anywhere else for the weekend, for that matter. You had better be content to spend all your time at home. There will be no more all-day shopping sprees or any other activity that keeps you away from home for too long, as you have to be there to feed the pups 4-6 times a day.

Now that you have some idea as to what’s involved other than playing with cute cuddly puppies, and you are still determined to go ahead anyway?



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