Restaurant Chino Dragon II, Garrucha


RESTAURANT Chino Dragon II, situated on Urbanization Las Buganvillas at Garrucha is just that little bit different. Although it has been established for many years, perhaps you haven’t visited it recently. If that is the case, you really are missing a treat. Obviously they offer traditional Chinese food and have more than 130 dishes on the menu to tempt you.

If you’re going as a group then their special menus really are excellent value, with the menu for four people for example being only €26.


Also their menu del dia is only €6.80 per person including a drink, which is made even more appealing by the quality surroundings and the pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The staff are polite and attentive and really enhance the whole dining experience.

But they also offer the something different mentioned earlier. They offer a Korean barbecue at your own table! With everything cooked to your preference right in front of you you can be sure of a more than satisfying dining experience.

They use a special Chinese coal that doesn’t emit smoke so your dining isn’t interrupted by coughing!  They also carry every kind of pork, chicken, lamb and calf and on request they can deliver them sizzling on an iron plate.

And don’t worry if your a seafood lover, they have an excellent range of dishes to choose from. Not only that, they have an inspired selection of sushi if your tastes run to the more “exotic”

Opening hours are 11:30am to 4:30pm and 6:30pm to midnight, with all meals also available for takeaway. So, why not pay them a visit or call them on 950 133 226

or 950 460 687 to make a reservation or to order your take away food.



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