Power mad politicians are to blame


FIRST let me thank you for all the positive mail that popped up last week. Although I seldom let it get to me, letter after letter published containing derogatory comments can become somewhat depressing, particularly when the main bulk I receive personally are generally in support of my observations.

Therefore the ole boy received quite a lift with last week’s ‘Your Say’ input; at least it gave the knockers a break. (Whatcha mean, I must be slipping!?).


Two subjects I actually tackled some years ago came to the fore recently.

The first concerned new examinations of mummified and preserved human remains, which have divulged that cancerous tumors were virtually non existent in our far off ancient civilizations. Well of course they were.

I say it again. It is the irresponsible, power mad politicians that are to blame for this present day, deadly phenomena. In their ego manic, headlong pursuit of personal gain and power, their nuclear experiments have released vast quantities of radiation into our atmosphere. This lethal cloud of death has now encircled our globe in a choking necklace of poison which will not disperse for 1000 years or more. Don’t hold yer breath for an admission of guilt from any of ‘em mind you.

The very least these murderers could do is plow as many billions as it takes into curing the plague of tumors they have brought down on us. The human race should never and I mean NEVER, have to rely on charity to fund these endeavors.

Politicians making out they need charity funding to meet the expense of cancer treatment are perpetrating a scam. A red herring to create an ‘all in it together’ diversity to get them off the culpable hooks they should all really be dangling from. There’s plenty of money out there to meet all the necessary costs. Nationalizing all the pharmaceutical companies would be a start. Seen any flying porkers lately!?

The second piece this week was the report on racism, which came to the conclusion (surprise, surprise) it was those who kept harping on the subject, that were in fact creating the problems in the first place.

I came to this conclusion yonks ago when I wrote that children are today brought up in such multi cultural societies they consider it perfectly natural. Most youngsters have no idea what the word racist even means, until these moronic PC ‘do gooders’ start spouting off about so called inequalities and issues of colour.

Generally these people are the worst racists of all and should be removed from any position which allows their voices to be heard by our impressionable young.

The children are our future; leave them to it and within a few years the whole problem will no longer exist. But we won’t will we?

The rhetoric will be bandied about and aired by these irresponsible bigoted idiots until yet another generation is indoctrinated and instilled with all the hatred and misplaced values of their forefathers. Sometimes I really do despair of it all.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.    leapylee.co.uk.



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