Going Dutch or perhaps not


YOU thought the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a disaster for the company? You are probably right but it was BP and the United States that turned disaster into a financial and ecological catastrophe.

The Netherlands are world leaders in seaborne oil skimmers. At the time of the mishap they made an offer that neither BP nor the Americans could refuse. Incredibly both declined the offer. The superior Dutch skimmers, not to be confused with passive booms, complete the clean up operation quickly and efficiently whilst safely recovering 99% of waterborne oil slicks.

From an ecological and financial perspective the alternative and premature heavy handed use of dispersants tended to make matters worse. A million gallons were sprayed and injected before faces turned red. The ruse sank the oil out of sight making passive booms ineffective.


American regulations; the Jones Act, assisted by BP collusion and incompetence meant the clean up operation cost a great deal more and tended to make matters far worse than need be. Henry Ford once said: “If you think a professional is expensive wait until you try an amateur.’ That comment seems to sum BP and Congress up perfectly well.

Read more: http://ewnbusiness.com/198/going-dutch-or-perhaps-not


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