The last Corrida for 2010


HUERCAL OVERA – IT is the final Corrida de Toros of the year 2010. Saturday, October 16, traditionally a very good one held in the near-by village of Huercal Overa that has a small plaza almost in the centre of town. Historically, this corrida is a farewell to Spain wherein many of the matadors leave for South America or bid a final good-bye to their loyal retainers until next spring. Some of them too retire and hence quite a ritual and procession is made of the entire affair.

This year promises to be one of the very best ever offered for public viewing.


Three famous toreros and a man on horseback promise a most exciting day.

Francisco Torres Gerez, the triumphant of the recent fair in Almeria, cutting four ears on the same day, something not done in twenty years in the capital. And the Murciano, Rafaelillo who is considered a bullfighter’s torero. He takes on the big and dangerous bulls all over Spain and has become famous for “corridas duras” (especially dangerous bulls). The great Curro Romero that James Michener wrote so much about never once faced a Miura bull (the ones that killed Manolete). He’ll make the corrida very exciting. Lastly the well known Antonio Ferrera, one of the best bandilleros in the world will show his stuff. All of this is well worth the price of admission, but also included is a new young rejoneador, Luis Valdeebro, showing you the classical aristocratic way of taking on bulls from horseback. The toros are from the ranch Jodar Y Ruchena. Come early to get a good seat and bring a nice “merienda” lunch to share.

By Ric Polansky

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