How are we ever going to learn the real truth?


WHEN is somebody going to put a block on the almost criminal bias attitude of the BBC? This week I watched the ITV presentation of Cameron’s first party conference speech. At the end of the segment I switched over to the BBC news, coincidently they were airing the same piece.

It may well have been an entirely different oratory.  Deviously hacked and edited, the result made Cameron appear harsh, immovable and uncaring. Had I not seen the previous offering, it would have instilled in me quite strong reservations concerning the Cameron camp.  The power wielded by the editorial staff of the BBC and other media outlets simply must be curbed.


When any Che Guevara, or by the same token Oswald Mosley sympathiser, can sit in a closeted cutting room and manipulate events almost at a whim, how are we, the long manipulated public, ever going to learn the real truth? They’re all at it of course. Drunk with their own importance, they twist and twiddle the knobs until the public only hear the result of the opinions they have bandied about with each other in the bosses office or down at the pub the previous evening. I well recall ITV when they, (or rather their Australian Lord and master), decided to go with Tony Blair in ‘97.

That awful Kay Burley woman actually perfected a particularly nasty sneer when she reported on the policies and speeches of John Major and his Conservative party, which were edited unmercifully in favour of the ‘New Labour’. Although the problem is virtually insurmountable, I recommend all who have access to tune into the internet and watch these speeches and reports in their entirety before coming to any decisions at all. Beat em at their own game I say. Do we really want these biased egotistical upstarts influencing our day to day existence?  ‘Course we don’t, you don’t believe everything I say do you…..?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em you have to hand it to the Spanish dustmen. They really do put their self delusional British counter parts to shame. Careering about like the wacky races they hurtle from one bin to the next like demented dervishes. If they followed the example of the Brit lot, i.e. not collecting spilled items, refusing to empty bins slightly out of position or filled with the ‘wrong rubbish’ ett. the whole country would grind to a halt.

Alright, I know being stuck behind them can be a pain, but can you imagine how long we’d be held up if we had to wait while they sorted out which note they needed to leave or trying to contact head office to find an excuse for not collecting  some particular bin or another?  All hail the Spanish dustmen.

Mmmm, food for thought?

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

Photo Credit: Conservative Middle East Council


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