Autumn is upon us


LIVING in Spain we don’t really get the same contrasts as in the UK when the seasons change. When to order the logs and light a fire seems to be as good a way as any to differentiate between summer and winter. Autumn is marked by slightly chillier evening air as the evenings draw in a little. Now there is the important decision to be made about whether or not to put the duvet back on the bed.

The dreaded question of when to wear those socks that have been staring at us from their drawer all summer will have to be answered soon.



Not being a fan of sunbathing my way to catch the rays is to walk the dogs in the summer without a top on and now the mornings are a bit cooler, a tee shirt spares the locals from seeing my little Buddha belly or Guinness baby as it’s affectionately named. Having dogs is a great way to both exercise and enjoy the fabulous countryside and this time of year walks can be done at any time of the day. If you don’t have one (or two or three) then you can get free dogs from the local dog rescue charities APSA and PAWS, and there is a good selection of brown ones, black ones, big ones and little ones. If it’s a puppy you are after then try Puppy Rescue. Its been medically proven that owning a dog lengthens a persons life expectancy due to the happiness they bring into peoples lives and of course because of the extra exercise people take when walking them.

There are some stunning places to visit locally and now is the time to enjoy the countryside without the summer hordes to block the way, take up the parking spaces and steal the best tables in all the restaurants. Take a walk and picnic along the coastal path in the Cabo de Gata. Explore the beautiful hills and villages of the Sierra De Los Filabres. Between Oria and Purchena are stunning pine clad mountains with walking routes clearly marked. Up past Baza is the stunning lake Negratin famous for its blue azure waters and also close by is the Cazorla National Park the birthplace of the mighty Guadalquivir River. The Sierra Maria Park also has the pretty towns of Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco to explore with a great Saturday market in Velez Rubio.

Reading through the Euro Weekly News the other day I read that fellow columnist Chris Marshall was involved in a car prang in a car park and had problems getting the offender to give his insurance details. The Guardia often have road blocks on busy roads as there are many people driving here in Spain without the legal necessities such as proper insurance etc. Assuming a mainly British readership we should all ensure that the cars we drive in Spain are road legal and have the correct insurance.

Driving through Almeria I do often wonder at how so many people living here constantly still manage to keep their UK plated cars on the road here. Surely they can’t all drive them back to the UK each year for a new MOT, insurance certificate and tax disc. They are also supposed to be left off the Spanish roads for six months of the year but again this seems unlikely in most cases. As long as an uninsured car does not have an accident then we are all very safe indeed.

I am surely an insurance brokers dream as I always make sure my car, home, belongings and any trips abroad are all covered by insurance. In fact only once have I travelled abroad without insurance and guess what? Yes I had my brand new camera stolen. A sad and expensive lesson learnt.



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