Impossible to apologize for someone else’s actions


CONTRARY to the popular belief of some of my scribble scanners, I do in fact often enter into research before committing my PC pounding to cyber space, and last week was no exception. Although, according to Ms M’s missive to the EWN, the Muslim majority condemned 9/11 and indeed the whole gambit of totally heinous terrorism perpetrated in the name of the Islam, nowhere could I find a reference to any truly highly placed religious leader condemning these barbarous actions.

The fact is, I believe that without the blessing of the Imams, the Jihad operations of Bin Ladin and his ilk would never get off the ground.


It is the religious leaders who are mainly responsible for misleading these tragic young men and women into believing they will be rewarded with nirvana for their endeavors. They are the ones who encourage their followers to inflict such misery and hatred on the wondrous planet we are all blessed with. How on earth do they know of a life hereafter anyway? How can any of us be so sure?

Even as a spiritualist, I realize to be totally convinced of a life after death, is not only the height of egotism, but the opinion of a dangerously closed mind. I am perfectly aware there could quite easily be nothing at the end of this brief spark of consciousness.

Apart from the fact that to snuff it out early is ending a true miracle of creation prematurely (a greater sin is actually difficult to imagine) there is nothing certain about our existence ethereal or otherwise.

One interesting fact that did emerge from my ‘Google gazing’ was actually a piece by a Mr. Irfan Khawaj who, (and I’m always ready to hold my hands up), made an excellent case, with quotes from the Quran, that it is indeed impossible to apologize for someone else’s actions. Apparently the closest reference to an apology in the Quran is repentance. According to Islam you have to be personally guilty of the relevant act and repeat in your own voice of having done it. No one can repent for you, nor does repentance count for, or mean anything if it comes from someone else besides the perpetrator of the act.

Well, I confess there is certain logic in this explanation and indeed one I somewhat reluctantly concur with. However, although in this scenario most of the actual participants of these acts cannot personally apologize for carrying them out (if they could I would definitely become a convert!) those who encouraged them are certainly parties to these atrocities and it is therefore perfectly in line with their teachings for them to apologize for their own input. But don’t hold yer breath.

I think that this past week, with the election of ‘Red Ed’, we can safely say we witnessed the total demise of New Labour and indeed any other name this rag bag bunch of hypocritical dinosaur anoraks lay claim to. Thank the Lord for great big mercies. Hallelujah!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy.



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