The Emperor Is Still Naked



MANY recall Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the emperor, who, conned by a pair of travelling tailors allowed himself to be ‘dressed in robes woven so fine’ that only the intelligent could see them. The robes of course didn’t exist; he was unclothed. Not wishing to be seen as dumb the townsfolk applauded the emperor’s parade until a small boy horrified spectators by shouting out that their emperor was stark naked.


Has anything changed? Of course it hasn’t. Today millions know that wrongs are being committed. They know the official line on the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, health scares and much else besides doesn’t stack up. Most choose to opt for the easy life and go along with the ‘party line.’

Once the clamour had died down the small boy became a national hero; the townspeople were ashamed of their lack of courage in denying the self-evident. Today’s whistleblowers aren’t as fortunate; they are persecuted, gaoled and often killed for their unwillingness to toe the party line.

How many really believe that David Kelly, British scientist and expert on modern warfare, took his own life? How many suppose that T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) or Herman Sörgel, and others like them were victims of accidents? Increasing numbers are sceptical about the establishment spin on the 9/11 attacks; their cynicism is shared by thousands of scientists.

George Orwell, the great writer and journalist observed that: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

It would be fair to say that the all-powerful establishment and its main media mind-manipulators are as dominant in the EU and U.S. today as they were in the discredited USSR.

Today societies are burdened by social engineering, doomed to failure, but we go along with it in the hope that the ‘experts’ are right; anything for the quiet life. Multi-culturalism is failing but objectors are slandered. We hope ‘experts’ are right but time proves them wrong.

Revisionists, or as they prefer to be called, truth-seekers, are everywhere; so are the state police who watch their every word. A recent ‘Humour Conference’ was organised by the Free Press Society to satirize political correctness, palace journalists and censorship.

The audience experienced Swedish artist Lars Vilks, Norwegian-Pakistani Shabana Rehman, the Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekshot: Few were aware of Danish Security Police taking notes after which the artistes paid the price for their lampooning the party line.

All this brings to mind Lord Grey’s comment at the outbreak of war that ‘the lights of Europe are going out’: To paraphrase: One by one the lights go out in Europe because those who have created the multi-cultural societies cannot defend them. Those who question dogma; social engineering and the economic uprooting and resettlement of ethnic communities are terrorised.  The last word goes to Robert Burns: Here’s freedom to him who would speak, here’s freedom to him who would write; for there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard; save he who the truth would indict.”

By Mike Walsh



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