Advertising with EWN does pay


Hi Jenni,

As always, a pleasure chatting with you.

As mentioned during your visit, I would have no problems recommending YOU and Euro Weekly News to any companies thinking about advertising in your newspaper.


Though we were a little sceptical at first, we have had good results from the advertising, with calls from all over the region.

We all know that times are hard, however advertising is not something that you can completely opt out of. One has to spend the advertising budget wisely, and with the fair pricing and the high number of copies distributed it has proven to be a wise choice to advertise with EWN. It makes it an even easier choice knowing we are being looked after by someone as charming and pretty as your good self! (Don’t tell Carl I said that!)

And my small advert in the CLASSIFIEDS has already paid for itself 5 times over!

If anyone wants to call and verify our recommendation I have no problem with this.

Steve and Diego

950 431 095


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