A whiff of a crack-head or a hoodie with a brick in his hand


FRANKLY, regarding this ‘yobbo’s taking over the streets’ controversy, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. To me the answer is simple. Forget the beleaguered police.

Send in the army.

Put together an elite, rapid deployment section of our armed forces, around a dozen in each squad.


Train em up; provide them with an easily remembered contact number, special uniforms and riot gear. Equip them with suitable weapons, IE sturdy batons, stun guns and gas dispensers and supply them with motorbikes and speedy armoured vehicles.


Give them sweeping powers of arrest with full use of reasonable force and let them loose in designated trouble spots.

These sub humans who think they can terrorise neighbourhoods and do as they wish, are nothing more than cowardly layabouts who deserve nothing less than a good hard sorting. Who better to attend to it than the decent young men and women of our armed forces? I would set up a number of ultra hard boot camps and special courts to deliver speedy sentencing. ‘Uman rights’ would not be an issue for these judges.

These mobs of degenerates forfeit any claim to decency and ‘rights’ when they embark on these terror tactics and deserve nothing less than a good dose of terrorizing themselves. On their release from the camps I would give them a designated period to obtain employment and if they didn’t find a job would automatically conscript them into the army.

I guarantee the whole ‘problem’ would be sorted in a matter of weeks rather than months. But it won’t happen will it. I can see the ‘do gooders’ holding their hands up in horror already. These so called liberal thinkers have actually been the main cause of most of these problems.  You’ll also find that their soft, leniency propaganda, generally emanates from some safe and peaceful zone that never even gets a whiff of a crack-head or a hoodie with a brick in his hand.

Its time those who advocate a tougher line with these human dregs stand up and be counted.

The authorities must stop pussyfooting around.

Those who cite human rights and prefer to send these animals on holidays abroad or some similar soft option should be made to crawl back into their safe cocoons and butt out.

The only thing these degenerates understand is violence and fear. They have to be made to realize that if they continue to perpetrate these acts, violence and fear is exactly what they will bring down on themselves.

It’s gone on long enough.  I guarantee that any party that adopted this type of minimum tolerance would find themselves with so many votes they’d be entrenched in the portals of power for some considerable time too come. You really would think among our esteemed ‘leaders’ someone would have the bottle to start delivering the heavy boot. What we need is a Churchill or a Thatcher. Anyone of their ilk on the horizon? Somehow I fear not.

Have a good week.

And however hard it often seems; always keep the faith.

Love Leapy      leapylee.co.uk


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