Where our esteemed US president’s loyalties lie


I’m actually becoming heartily sick of all the Islamic rhetoric which seems to dominate our lives these days. Some fifteen years ago, when I prophesied the upsurge of Islam extremism (for which many accused me of being a ranting lunatic) most of the population had no more idea of Muslim doctrine than landing on the planet Mars. Now it’s prevalent in just about every nook and cranny of our existence.

This in itself is very worrying and is of course, yet another victory in their Jihad pursuit of world domination. Day after day, week after week, we just don’t seem able to escape some ‘controversial’ Islamic issue or another.


After giving his blessing to the 9/11 Mosque site erection, to me the most worrying issue of late was the announcement by Obama that he’s about to supply 60 billion dollars worth of advanced aircraft to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This effectively will deliver to one of the most influential and strictly Muslim countries in existence, one of the strongest air forces in the world. ‘Allies’ they may be, but when you consider that many extreme Islamic terrorists, including Bin Ladin himself, originate from this area, it is not  only almost beyond belief, but to me once again brings up the question of where our esteemed US president’s loyalties actually lay.

America has of course supplied the Saudi air force for years, but in the past it was always with technology and weapons slightly less advanced than those held by the west. Thereby leaving us still retaining the ‘edge’.

This new deal is for some of the most up to the minute, sophisticated artillery known to man and will give them an air superiority capable of waging war on just about anyone. Heaven forbid it turns out to be against western interests. If they ever change their position and decide to switch off the oil and protect themselves with the weapons we have supplied, the ‘irony buck’ will lay firmly at the feet of President Barack Hussein Obama. Heaven help us all.

On a lighter note. Ta Rah! A friend of mine, who works in a local hotel, the other day, presented me with a few facts and figures he had gathered concerning the incredible amounts of time wasted by many of our vacation visitors.

My mate reckons that some actually gather in the 8am breakfast queue as early as 6am! If you add this to time spent in other totally unnecessary lines of waiting i.e. half an hour for lunch and another half for dinner, at the end of a fortnight’s visit they will have wasted nearly two days queuing. If you add this to bus and taxi, supermarket and airport queues, they could find themselves actually queuing longer than they spend holidaymaking!

And with that totally useless gem of information I’ll leave you for another week.

Have a good one. Keep those E’s coming.

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.     leapylee.co.uk.


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