Farewell Summer


WALKING along the beach the other evening in Almerimar a couple of things sprang to mind: that the summer really does end rather abruptly for the Spaniards which is a real shame as September is one of the best months in my experience, and that once again we had really failed to make the most of the summer.

Far too few days on the beach, far too few dips in the pool, far too few days lazing in the sun listening to music, reading a book, chatting etc.


It seems to be the same every year. As summer approaches we put off enjoying the excellent facilities here in Almerimar, telling ourselves that we will take time out during the summer and “be a tourist”, and then when the summer arrives we convince ourselves it is too hot, that there are too many tourists (well compared to the rest of the year the marina gets very busy), and that we will wait for it to quieten down get a bit cooler…

By way of example, we didn’t visit our favourite ice cream place all summer, once when it first opened, and then again walking along the beach with family earlier in the month. No real reason for this, just didn’t get into the habit this year I guess. We tended to walk the Levante Beach (pictured) rather than the Poniente Beach this year, and as such tended to get an ice cream at the small stall by the Brisamar Activity Area. All very pleasant, but not the same somehow, but on such small changes do our lives revolve.

So Farewell Summer, sorry not to have seen more of you or taken advantage of all that you have to offer. I promise to try harder next year!!

So with Summer behind us, we turn to what for many is their favourite season: Autumn. Doesn’t really do it for me Autumn in Spain, as my autumn memories include leaves falling off the trees and crunching under your feet, and with the exception of the odd palm tree leaf that tends not to happen too much down here. Autumn also reminds me that once again the end of the year is rapidly approaching, and as you read this article we are just three months away from Christmas! How time flies the older you get…

On the other hand Autumn is the perfect time of year for long lunches on the terraces of the restaurants, and October will see the third annual Almerimar Treasure Hunt which is always a well supported fund raiser for the Aldeas Infantiles Charity.

Costa Almeria Living: by Chris Marshall



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