In praise of foreigners!


HIS name is Francisco Haro.  He is a Mojaquero.

He is writing/editing a book in praise and thanks, concerning all the foreigners he has met over the last 40 years that have been so instrumental in developing Mojacar from an abandoned derelict village with but three families remaining behind in the ruins into one of Andalucia’s “must” tourist stops.

The book, planned to be printed initially in Spanish, needs a sponsor to help translation costs into English. And what a book it is planned to be! Subject matter covers the mercantile explosion, development, and modernization of Mojacar from a folkloric, suspicious and isolated community of just a few families all dressed in black confronting the startling invasion of newly coloUrful arrivees sporting outfits never seen before. Mini skirts, women with tattoos, Air Vice Marshalls, actors, poets, painters, Lords, Ladies, pianists, hippies, dropouts and those looking for a hideout.


The book promises to be a living kaleidoscope of personalities setting up permanence  in the village and surrounds in order to tune in, turn on, and dropout. Some came to work, others to incite the locals into not working. In any case, it was like an invasion of “clowns” purporting lifestyles never witnessed before in the lonely hilltop village. Paco’s pronouncements are both infectious and historical. It is as if each personage contributes a small building block, window, or door making Mojacar into what it is today.

The book is limited in that it will only include those characters passed. The book is essentially a written compilation by various long time residents passing judgement and/or praise. Yet, what a parade of worthies and crazies are announced… Disneyland? Or just tales of the unbelievable?  Paco witnessed it all. It should be a fantastic if not shocking read.


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