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Now that parking is a little easier in the Carihuela area we decided to visit the Cosy Nook and try their recently re-introduced three-course evening menu.

We received a friendly greeting from Kay and Paul and found a table at the front of the restaurant overlooking the paseo and the beach. The sun had just set and the new moon was glistening on the water, all very romantic!

The atmosphere in the Cosy Nook is quite laid back and very friendly, a total stranger can feel instantly at home.


We decided to start our meal with a plate of chilli chicken dipper with a sweet chilli sauce. These are homemade and proved to be quite delicious. There are usually four starters to choose from and three main courses with a vegetarian option. The three-course menu changes twice a week.

As a main course we chose braised steak and a homemade chicken casserole. The braised steak was from a good cut of meat and cooked to perfection, the chicken was declared as delicious.

Wherever possible the dishes served in the Cosy Nook are homemade which usually results in that little bit of extra TLC.

I also watched what was being served at other tables and one particular dish caught my eye. I asked Paul about it and I visited his gleaming kitchen and was shown the Chicken and Rib combo. A dish for two people consisting of two full racks of BBQ ribs and two half roast chickens, served with onion rings, coleslaw, salad and homemade chips and is offered at just €18. A veritable feast fit for a king.

Back at our table I found that the short excursion to the kitchen had made room for a dessert, a space that was quickly filled by a large portion of chocolate fudge cake.

All in all a first-rate, tasty, well-presented meal and priced at just €12.50 per person.

By the way, the three-course menu is only available evenings from Monday to Saturday,

as Sunday is reserved for the ever popular Traditional Roast Dinner.

The Cosy Nook

Paseo Maritimo




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