Unlucky in black


HISTORICALLY black cats have been considered unlucky by some; although it turns out that the bad luck is for them.

Black cats are nearly half as likely to be adopted as other cats from rescue organizations, and two-thirds less likely than cats with white fur.

This bad luck has also rubbed off on dogs, to a lesser extent, with black dogs also loosing out to their lighter furred friends.


While some of this ‘bad luck’ is thought to stem from negative connotations to witchcraft historically, another theory is that because of their black fur, they tend to fade into the background in their shelter cages or not stand out as much in their photographs on the websites.

Even when face-to-face, black animals features don’t stand out as much, causing potential owners to pass over them more often, particularly in shelters with poor lighting.

People are loosing out though, since a number of studies have shown that black cats are actually more likely to be ‘laid-back and friendly’ than cats of other colours, although each cat is different.


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