The Reunion By Rashpal Rani Singh


SEVEN friends who belong to the only People and Entity Watching Society (PEWS) meet for the first time in over a decade, where they exchange personal experiences about the places they’ve been and the things they’ve seen.  But knowing that these seven friends who are part of deceased spirits are able to take on the disguise of any living or non-living entity, their unforgettable experiences of bizarre, surreal and dark happenings will leave the reader fascinated and amazed to know what really happens behind closed doors in our world and beyond.  From werewolves to past lives as candles, from crying pencils to giving birth from the palm of the hand, from animal adventures, to behind the scenes of hell itself and to the ultimate contest between humans and entities from Planet Charzan, this book gives the reader the opportunity to fall loose in the living imagination of the author. Mind blowing or insane, perhaps both, you will never look at the same things in the same way ever again!

The Reunion is a novel that falls into the genre of fiction and fantasy fused with surreal and dark adventure. It gives a weird and bizarre look at life behind closed doors and makes the impossible possible. Life is a mystery, and it proves that, and even when things happen in indirect ways, there´s always a reason for everything.


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