Almeria Holiday Makers Spent More This Year


I READ that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Spain were claiming that foreign tourists to Spain spent on average €90 a day during July, and that this was the third consecutive month that the average spend had increased.

July was said to be 3.7% higher than June, with a total of €6,334 million spent, at an average of €911 per tourist.  So far tourists have spent 1.4% more than they did in 2009, at an average of €906 per tourist per holiday, which works out at €96 per day per tourist.

I was amazed!


Seems that the areas to have benefited most from the spending frenzy have been Catalunya, the Canary Islands, the Balearics and… Andalucia! The Brits head the table of big spenders accounting for €5,637 million, an increase of 8.8% on 2009.

So amazed was I that I conducted some research. The sort of research that involves wandering around a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants talking to owners, staff, and tourists.

As a rule the pattern this years seems to have been less tourists eating breakfast out, or at least spending less on their breakfast, very quiet at lunch time, although the excessive heat this year will have contributed to that, but very busy in the evenings selling food, but as a rule the ‘Daily Specials’. I think it is fair to say that here in Almerimar the average spend has been less than €90 per person per day.

I wrote before how it was possible for two people to eat and drink out every day for seven days here in Almerimar for €400, an average of €30 a day. We recently rented an apartment in Almerimar for some family, 3 people staying in a 3 bedroom apartment for €45 a day i.e. €15 per day each. Food, drink and accommodation then for €45 a day, half the national average!

Almerimar has a lot of residential tourists, people who own second homes here, both Spanish and non Spanish, so I thought I would dig a little deeper. I know, it meant more research in the bars, cafes and restaurants of Almerimar, but a job is a job as they say! Seems that the Spanish restaurants weren’t seeing anything like that amount of spend per person either. They were busy, but again primarily in the evenings, and the average spend was down on last year with Tapas and Raciones taking precedent over a full meal. Regular English second home owners that I spoke to said they were spending more time eating in their homes this year, and without exception everyone commented on how packed the supermarkets had been this year.

Statistics can be misleading, but I did try and check and the Ministry figures included food and accommodation and ad hoc spend, but not flights, although that is open to debate depending on who you talk to!

All a little confusing. I will leave the last word to a family of four that I talked to who were on their first visit to Almerimar. They loved it, were surprised at how much cheaper it is than Portugal, where they had been last year. Without doubt they said they would be back… now that is good news!


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