Water: the fountain of youth and health!


DRINKING plenty of water has been shown to bestow you with beautiful glowing skin as well as diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing energy levels and supporting overall health; it truly is the fountain of youth.

A plant that doesn’t get water begins to droop and shrivel up, although if they are given water in time, it has the almost magically ability to revive them back to glowing health.

Likewise, when we don’t drink enough water our skin wrinkles more easily causing skin to sag faster; however because water moisturises your skin inside and out, hydrated skin cells cause skin to look younger as it is plumped up.


For weight-loss

Water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in loosing weight and keeping if off.

The body’s metabolism will slow down as much as 3 per cent from even mild dehydration.

In contrast, a glass of water around midnight reduced hunger pangs for nearly 100 per cent of dieters in a study conducted by the University of Washington.

Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

Whenever you feel hungry drink a glass of cold water because often those hunger pangs are your body’s way of telling you it is thirsty.

Furthermore, researchers report that water helps people to loose weight by boosting metabolism and is also the best treatment against water retention.

For optimal functioning

Just as a car cannot run without gas and oil, our bodies cannot function without water.

It serves as a lubricant, forms the base for saliva, forms the fluid that surrounds the joints, and regulates body temperature.

Being a mere 2 per cent dehydrated can seriously degrade physical and mental functions, while a 15 per cent drop in our body’s water supply is likely lethal.

Signs of dehydration include fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen, and daytime fatigue.

Furthermore it alleviates constipation, and releases toxins, via bowel movements, urination and perspiration.

If the body doesn’t have enough water it will minimize these three functions thereby forcing the fourth means of toxic removal to do overtime; namely the liver.

Think of it like a washing machine; you would hardly be able to get your clothes clean if there was no water.

For health

Additionally water plays a key role in the prevention of disease; drinking eight glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45 per cent, bladder cancer by 50 per cent, significantly eases back and joint pain for up to 80 per cent of sufferers, and potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer, to name just a few.

The balance

However, as with everything, there is a balance, and too much of a good thing can be bad for you too.

Too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication, which causes the body’s cells and tissues to swell with the excess fluid, potentially to the point of bursting, fatally.

A good rule of thumb is to go by the colour of your urine; if it is bright yellow then you need to drink more water and if it is completely colourless then cut back a bit; ideally it should be pale yellow.


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