The Toros are still around


Just because the toros have finished in Almeria doesn’t mean they have left the area. On the contrary—they abound this September.

The ‘bulls’ follow a circuit just like all major world wide events from Formula one racing, cycle tours of Italy, France and Spain or tennis programs like the French Open, Wimbledon then the US Open.

Right now the bulls are in southern Spain and spectacular corridas have been announced. You shouldn’t have to travel too far if you don’t want to.


  MURCIA has one entire week of the top matadors in the world coming. It is a very large plaza so you shouldn’t need to get tickets in advance, but on the day. Murcia with so many fine restaurants is a good day trip out yet not too far away not to return home following the spectacle. The toros run every day from Saturday September 11 through the 19th with the best days on the Monday 14th and Friday 17th. Murcia also has a female torera, Conchi Rios, a delightful young girl whose heart belongs to the bulls. She is on the Wednesday 15th and is well worth seeing.

  • Nearby LORCA has announced two corridas, one on the 19th and a spectacular one for the Sunday September 26 with Toros from Victorino Martin, the most famed, costly and well known toros at this time in Spain. Madrid tries to get them once a year. To see them is well worth the journey.
  • BAZA on Sunday September 12 just across the border in Granada Province has announced the young Mexican matador, Alejandro Amaya who is seeking fame, riches and notoriety here in Spain. Also  competin g with him will be Spain’s number one, El Fandi from Granada and Daniel Luque the young heart throb. Horses the next day.


  • Lastly, VERA always has one or two corridas around the 25th


Details not announced yet. For many foreigners this will be their first time viewing. These are always good corridas with top flight toreros. Remember to bring lots of goodies with you to eat, drink and share as it is a popular custom in Vera and most certainly livens the corridas.

If you want to know more about How to See the corridas write to me directly at:   [email protected] and I will send along Brian Harding’s recent articles published in the Euro Weekly News to help get you up to speed.



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