Three strikes and you are out


THEY say that no publicity is bad publicity but I somehow doubt that President Obama and the First Lady Michelle are signing up that theory at the moment. Just a few months ago, the president, while sitting with local business owners in Florida during a visit to the state, urged Americans to come to the Gulf coast for their summer vacations. He stated how important it was that Americans support their fellow citizens at a time of crisis.

The national unemployment rate in the US still hovers at 9.5%, with the public debt at, give or take, $13,319,450,000,000 (that’s in trillions by the way).


On her recent trip to Marbella the first lady flew to Spain on board a U.S. Air Force Special Missions 757 presidential aircraft. It has been reported that Mrs. Obama’s “personal visit” to Spain is costing U.S. taxpayers $85,000 a day. Add to that the flights to fly in the armoured limousines, the advanced protection teams, the security during the visit, the personal assistance and I suspect poor Sasha wont be getting much pocket money this summer … oh wait, stupid me, it wasn’t their money they were spending was it.

When it came to spending their own money apparently they splashed out 84€ on two dresses…

Of course these are problems for America to sort out. Spain, and Marbella in particular, will no doubt benefit hugely from their visit. Let’s discount for a minute the fact that the week that ‘Team’ Michelle came to Spain the US State Department had to remove the warning that ‘racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain, from their web site. Oh, and then there was the warning issued during the visit that Spain was one of Al Qaeda’s top targets because of their ongoing fight against terror, buT let’s dismiss that as well. Ah, and then we have the warming photos of Mum and Daughter strolling through the friendly streets of Granada, surrounded by 30 security guards! Seriously of the 10% or so American’s who even have a passport just how many do you really think will be heading over to Spain on the back of those headlines? What is the saying in America? Three strikes and you are out! Stick to the day job Mr President, we don’t need you as self elected PR guru for the Spanish Tourist Board, although I suspect it may not be too long before you are looking for a new job.

I couldn’t help but think that it would have all been so much cheaper for them if they had come to Almerimar. They wouldn’t have needed to bring so many cars for a start, as you can walk everywhere really easily. Inconvenient as it may have been for residents and tourists, they would only have needed two cars, one to block the entrance and exit to the marina…security sorted, especially with the able back up of the ever present Guardia Civil hanging around the roundabouts these days. With the great prices on Menu del Día’s and Daily Specials they wouldn’t have had to spend so much either, and with 3 bedroom villas renting out for as little as 400€ a week their accommodation costs would have been significantly cheaper.

All this of course assumes that Almería airport is open and the Air Traffic Controllers aren’t on strike, that the runway is big enough for a Trans Atlantic flight, so all in all probably best that next time Michelle takes the advice of her hubby and takes a holiday in the US.


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