The withdrawal of another person’s ‘human rights,’


I don’t know about you, but I’m just about up to here with the issue of so called ‘human rights.’ With the news of this latest individual, who, because it infringed his ‘human rights,’ was granted the right to stay in the UK after being released from prison (where he had completed a term for two murders), I just felt the urge to attempt a deeper dig into this whole crock of crud that as usual seems to favour the more ‘dreg end’ of our society than its decent law abiding citizens.

Well, I’ll tell you, the whole subject is a lawyers Shangri la. No wonder Cherie Blair encouraged it. There are so many interpretations and ‘why’s and wherefores’ it is certainly far too complicated for this ole’ boy to even begin. I should think the legal fraternity must be in a state of permanent orgasm as they peruse the ‘ins’ and ‘get outs’, in the labyrinth of mire, and indeed even heresy, which constitutes our so called bill of human rights. I suggest the present government put a red pen through just about all of it and come up with a clear and uncomplicated alternative. Until that unlikely event, the issue of how many ‘human wrongs’ constitute the withdrawal of another persons ‘human rights,’ will continue to stick in craws of the long suffering public and swell the coffers of the legal beagles for many years to come.


It never ceases to surprise me how performers ego’s often lead them to make totally disastrous decisions. And it can manifest right at the very top. Much to my surprise Tom Jones is the latest victim of the -‘I can do anything and the fans will go for it’ attitude. His new album, which is mainly gospel orientated has, despite extensive promotion, failed to top the charts. Attendance of the tour to coincide with the release of the record has been ‘disappointing’. The main reason for this phenomenon is that, not only is the record totally removed from just about anything he’s done before, but during the concert Tom is only performing songs from that same album.

No ‘Not Unusual.’ No ‘Delilah’, ‘Green Green Grass’, ‘Sex Bomb’ – nothing. In a very unusual move, Sir Tom and his advisers decided to drop every one of the songs the fans have actually paid to see. Exactly the same mistake that Dylan made, some thirty years ago, when his ‘gospel tour’ put him off the map for years.

The fans don’t go to these events to hear a load of songs, totally out of character and completely unfamiliar. And it is the height of egotism to expect otherwise. It almost arises to false representation. In their slightly ‘lost track’ world, Tom and the team have forgotten one of the most famous showbiz adages of all. ‘Give em what they want.’ Stick a few of the old favorites in my ol’ mate – you know it makes sense.

All together now. ‘There’s no business like show business…’

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy




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