Ferreting around


THE fast, feisty, furry, fun ferret has become a popular choice for pets; mostly with working professionals. This is because they do not become neurotic when left alone and are quite capable of amusing themselves. When not amusing themselves, they tend to sleep if alone to be ready for action when the human comes home to entertain them.

They are also quiet, making very few sounds after they are eight weeks old, and are therefore ideal for apartment life. Furthermore, single pet ferrets have been reported to become completely devoted to the human in its life; although a group of ferrets playing together can be equally rewarding.


They are acrobatic creatures with a boisterous and playful nature and love to leap, twist, scamper and bounce around as they put across their joy in life.

Their distinctive bouncing movements which they often combine with open mouths and hissing, is referred to by some as a ‘weasel war-dance’, which is actually an expression of the ferret’s exuberance.

Contrary to some people’s belief; ferrets almost never bite, even when they have been accidentally stepped upon.



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