The biggest red rag in American history


WHEN I read of Obama’s decision to allow a mosque to be erected near the site of the Twin Towers in New York, I felt physically sick. Later, when I heard the man’s speech and his pathetic attempt to justify his reasoning, I experienced utter despair. Either this President is almost unbelievably naïve, or our enemies have finally put one of their own in the Oval office.

The US President’s declaration that all religions should be allowed to flourish freely, and the majority of Islamic followers are completely law abiding and moderate, may indeed be true. However, this particular statement is the opinion of a man who has obviously learned utterly zilch from homo-sapiens history.


You only have to look back to WW11, when the loathsome Nazi party gained power in Germany. At that time, just about all of its citizens; with very few exceptions, rallied wholeheartedly behind their leaders. Don’t you think there were millions of so called ‘moderates’ involved in that particular scenario? Believe me if Islamic extremists achieve their ultimate ambition, ie world domination, I believe all of its followers will rejoice.Any non Muslim who thinks otherwise is either demented or a traitor.

This mosque, if erected, will, as far as the radical followers of Islam are concerned, serve as nothing more than a memorial to the toe rags who murdered thousands in the name of their God. Not only will it have the Islamic zealots rubbing their hands in glee, it will be a national disgrace and an insult to all who died or gave up life and limb on that terrible day.

As for the right for every citizen to be allowed to worship freely, I say this to Mr. Obama. When the leader’s of Islamic countries allow Christian churches or indeed any place of ‘infidel’ worship to be built in their towns and cities, I may just consider coming around to his way of thinking. Until then I would urge the USA to vote this undoubtedly biased and shoulder chipped individual out of office at the earliest opportunity.

If not, I can only fear the worst. And the worst doesn’t even bear contemplation. Not to worry, I personally can never see the more rational thinking populace of America allowing this building to emerge. If ever I heard of a decision to erect a target, this is without doubt the biggest red rag in American history!

A quick word of congratulations here to fund raiser extraordinaire Robert Winsor OBE. Robert, who reached the big ‘seven o’ this week, earned his award by raising over 2million euros for underprivileged and handicapped children on Mallorca. The ‘Penguin’ and delectable esposa Maria, looked positively radiant at the celebratory gathering. It was a pleasure and a privilege. May you look forward to many more.

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.



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