Summer Lovein’


I HAVE been in reflective mode recently, with much time spent reflecting on the soundtracks of summers past. What has prompted this reflection? In one word: Radio, in two words: Internet Radio, and in three words: iPod Downloading Podcasts. Like most people of my generation my early relationship with the radio focussed around recording the Top 40 on a Sunday evening onto a 90 minute cassette, which was an art in itself trying to pause and effectively edit out the DJ.

I used to listen in the car on commutes and to meetings, until the introduction of the car phone. I got my first one in 1988 and that was the end of listening to the radio, or indeed any music for me for many a year.


Fast forward far more years that I care to admit, and over the last six months I have found myself listening to the radio a lot more, and thoroughly enjoying revisiting the music of my past: teenage parties, late night discussions at college, summer around the lakes in America, working the University bars, weddings, christenings and unfortunately funerals.

And in particular summers. My most memorable defined by one song from that particular summer, that one song that spent the whole summer camped in your head, was playing when you went to bed, and was still there you woke up. My top five summers songs, in no particular order are: Alice Cooper “School’s Out”, Bryan Adams “Summer of 69”, Don Henley “The Boys Of Summer”, The Beach Boys “All Summer Long”, and Terry Jacks “Season In The Sun”.

I am not alone in finding my love for radio has returned, as figures released in the UK recently showed that across all sectors more and more people are listening to the radio. Radio 1 recorded its largest ever audience with 11.81 million listeners, a year on year increase of over 4%, and the fear that Radio 2 would go into a post Wogan decline have proved unfounded with Chris Evans pulling in an average of 9.53 million listeners a week, the second highest figures for an individual show.

The figure that I found most remarkable? That 9 out of 10 people in the UK listen to radio week in and week out! It appears that the mix of traditional and new technologies: Podcasts, iPlayer and radio smartphone applications etc are working to the advantage of Radio with 20% of smartphone owners having downloaded one of these applications at least.

Reflections From A Balcony In Spain: By Chris Marshall

Statistic: 9 out of 10 people in the UK listen to the radio week in and week out.


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