Leapy is wrong but he’s oh so right


Leapy Lee’s comments on the death of 17 year-old Grace Ford: I am absolutely incensed at the amount of incorrect reporting (especially in the UK press) about the tragic, wholly avoidable death of this young lassie. Leapy is 100% right that something must be done – and wrong insofar as a balcony was concerned.

I am, unfortunately, privvy to some inside information of this group of youngsters’ activities around the time of Grace’s death and low balconies, as Leapy mentions, have nothing to do with this case. And alcohol is definitely not the main cause.


Grace was with a small group of friends. She became separated, but from said friends’ accounts, was no way drunk or even close. At some point, she walked into an area of the hotel where she was staying that should have been absolutely inaccessible to all but hotel maintenance staff, and even then with strict safety measures activated.

She stepped through a door into a 90-foot deep void and fell to the bottom of a ventilation shaft where she lay for many hours, 30 metres down and within the God-damned hotel itself. Her friends had been looking for her during this time, had alerted Police authorities and had been conducting their own searches throughout the town as Grace’s disappearance was totally out of character.

We who live in Spain are fully aware of this country’s cavalier attitude to Health and Safety, and we accept this as being ‘Spanish’. It may even contribute to our love of a country where our every move is not monitored and where we, as citizens, are not cossetted by a ‘Nanny State‘, where we are expected to look after ourselves and not expect the State to do so, and then blame the State when something goes wrong.

But I’ll predict what will happen here, and it’s absolutely unacceptable: our Spanish legal system will groan along at its usual snail’s pace and Grace’s death will be recorded as ‘misadventure’ or some such other wishy-washy platitude to allow the judge presiding to close the case. The hotel will have its wrist slapped and told to keep doors that should be locked, locked. Grace will be forgotten as just another British kid who died due to drink, bad behaviour or being an irresponsible teen.

None of which is fact. This was NOT Grace’s fault. Whoever is responsible needs to be arrested, tried, sentenced and this death trap hotel shut down FOR GOOD.

Thanks Leapy.

By Norman MacLeod


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