Bottomless money pits ruining the game


ONCE again the damn football season is rearing its spoiled, egotistical money grabbing head (has it ever been away?). Once again we will no doubt be regaled with designer hair cuts and yet more designer outfits prancing and ‘diving’ around its grass arenas. Once again obscene sums of money will pour into the coffers of a multitude of mentally challenged young men hardly able to string two words together.

No doubt true to form, the game will offer up a large contingent of its members to set examples for their young fans by peeing in the street, assaulting people in nightclubs and pouting on the box when they consider ‘they wuz robbed’. Once again we will suffer their equally spoiled and often brain dead ‘wags’ spread across our newspapers clutching utterly tasteless 20,000 pound handbags, collapsing in the backs of limo’s with suspicious white powder clinging to their upper lips and flashing their knickers to an ever insatiable paparazzi.



Well I for one am heartily sick of the lot of ‘em. Where are all the Bobby Charlton’s, Stanley Mathews and Bobby Moore’s gone I ask myself? True gentlemen who played the game purely because it was their chosen profession and a sport they respected and revelled in.

Well its all about greed isn’t it? The slothful god of the bank account, which governs most endeavours in this ever-clutching society of ours.  Most of today’s soccer problems are ultimately created by their own bosses. If ever a sport was totally dependent for its very existence on the fat cats it encompasses, it is undoubtedly football. To the multi billionaires who run many of these teams, their possession is the ultimate toy. A ‘must have’ on the other planet they appear to live on.

The ultimate ego trip. ‘You don’t have your own football team – good heavens man what sort of a billionaire are you?’

These people are prepared to plow untold millions into their acquisitions, simply because their grossly inflated egos must win at any cost. What appear to normal human beings as vast transfer fees and obscene wages are nothing to these manipulators of fortune. To them winning is the be all and end all of their existence. If they want a new ‘toy’ to play in their team, they will offer just about anything to secure it. Their bottomless money pits are ruining the game.

Why doesn’t FIFA step in and take some sort of control? Transfer fees and wages should be capped at a reasonable level. Believe me footballers would still play football for far less money. Transfers would still take place for reasonable amounts. If nothing is done the only teams left solvent will be those owned by these people.

Great clubs are already going to the wall because they can’t afford the moneyman’s toyshop. If the situation is allowed to continue, one day, in the not too distant future, we’ll finish up with a dozen or so super teams constantly playing each other. All the rest will be relegated to Saturday mornings in the park.

Sometimes I really do despair of it all.

Anyone for tennis?

Keep the faith,

Love Leapy.

Photo Credit: Marina Lystseva


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