Guitarra Cordoba


A LONG planned visit to Cordoba very nearly did not happen at the weekend as the steering failed on the car last week sending it and myself careering into a bridge in Arboleas flipping it over leaving it looking like an upturned tortoise. 

By coincidence I had read the day before that the Greek dramatist Aeschylus was killed in 456 BC by an eagle dropping a tortoise onto his bald head.


Cordoba is a stunningly beautiful city dating back to Roman and Visigoth times with the Moorish invaders making it the capital of Al- Andalus in around 785 AD. I would advise making a spring or autumn trip as from late June to early September the place resembles the inside of a blast furnace with last weekend easily reaching 45 degrees Celsius that’s 113 degrees Fahrenheit in old money.

The city has regular festivals to promote the city with the famous Fiesta de los Patios (Patio Festival) in May each year, then a Flamenco festival and in July the guitar festival which attracts world famous artists.

This year Paco de Lucia, Deep Purple and Placebo all headlined with Mark Knopfler closing the event with a performance at the Plaza de Toros.  Live music has always been a passion of mine which was nurtured at an early age by living close to Surrey University in the early 70s and being allowed by my parents to go to on my own to the Free Arts Festival each year where I mingled with the hippies and saw some great bands. I remember watching the now cult movie Logans Run one year when aged about 10.

Over the last 35 years I have seen loads of performers and one day I will do as I have promised myself for ages and transform all my carefully collected tickets into a collage and frame them, a job for a rainy winter’s day methinks.

Being into all sorts of music I have been lucky enough to see some of the rock greats such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, David Bowie, ACDC, Tangerine Dream, Peter Gabriel, Hawkwind (so loud they made my nose bleed), John Martyn, Supertramp, Brian Eno, Jethro Tull and then more recent acts (I class recent as under 25 years old) such as U2, Simple Minds, Tears For Fears, David Gray, Massive Attack, Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Prodigy, Radiohead, The Orb, The Blue Nile, Orbital, REM, Leftfield, Cocteau Twins and so many others.

Some acts broke up or I was simply not in town so Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin

and others I regrettably missed. Then this year Roger Waters (we are not worthy) announced after 30 long years that he would again tour the world to perform The Wall. For the aficionados out there Dave Gilmour has agreed to play at one UK date. Now there is a true reconciliation.

The two of them played three songs together in London this year at a charity event and Dave has promised to play guitar for one performance only of Comfortably Numb. Visit or

The tour starts on September 15 in Toronto, Canada. Happy days and so far I have got tickets for London, Milan and Barcelona. I better keep selling houses to pay for all those flights so “pssst wanna buy a house?”

Thinking back Peter Gabriel enlisted the help of the lovely Kate Bush on the album ‘So’ for the beautiful duet ‘Don’t Give Up’ which they only ever once sang live together, at the London Olympia June 28, 1986. To this day the performance brings goose pimples to my arms such is the power of a live rendition.

An act I had missed ‘til now was Dire Straits but Mark Knopfler put that right last Sunday evening and now Romeo and Juliet, Telegraph Road, Sultans of Swing, and most of his great new solo album, ‘Get Lucky’ have all now been heard as they should be – Live.

Viewpoint By Stephen Amore


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